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The official affilliate to Ashihara Karate Japan

At the beginning of 2012 Ashihara Karate SA-NIKO embarked on a drive to get a TRAINING HALL/ DOJO to enable us to make karate accessible to disadvantaged children trapped in a cycle of gang violence, hopelessness and low morale, especially from areas such as Ottery, Lotus River, Phillipi, Phumlani, Parkwood and Grassy Park.

These areas are notorious for gang activity with shootings happening daily and escalating over weekends. These kids are constantly exposed to poverty, hunger and domestic violence and this has become the norm for them. We want to change their MINDSET through the art of Karate, showing them that we care, that they can be loved, improving their self-esteem and worthiness, creating life skills, healthy living, boosting moral and giving them HOPE.


Ashihara Karate SA – NIKO is a union affiliate and licence holder to the New International Karate Organization Ashihara Kaikan Japan since 2012, committed to creating a universe of opportunities that will enable disadvantaged street children and youth-at-risk to take responsibility in becoming constructive, self sustainable community members.


Our vision is to be a respected school of Karate for kids, giving professional tuition and guidance and, in pursuit of this ideal, to be the Sport Centre of our community.


Our Mission is to inculcate the minds and hearts of the youth with a balanced attitude to:

  • Responsibility
  • Freedom
  • Rights
  • Obligations
  • Autonomy
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency


What is SABAKI?
SABAKI” is an original style of Ashihara Karate, the scientific and rational approach to karate. “SABAKI” changed the conventional idea that the sheer distructive power is the key to win. What “SABAKI” shows you is “Not the stronger but the ones who powered up the body functions through our rational training methods win.”

The movements of SABAKI “to punch without being punched” “to kick without being kicked” “to knock down opponent down without being knocked down ourselves” mean safer karate.


We have our original forms called “KATA” so that you can master and practice the rational body movements of ASHIHARA Karate. They vary for the levels covering from beginners to Black Belts. There are “Kihon no Kata”, ”Nage no Kata”, ”Kumite no Kata”, “Jissen no Kata”, “Goshin no Kata”, “Buki no Kata” and “Enshin no Kata”  They are the collection of SABAKI and the basic techniques leading to “combination” or a flowing continuous attack. “combination” or a flowing continuous attack.


Branch Chief / Shibucho

Dillon van Rensburg

Head Instructor and has been practising karate since the age of 11, he is passionate about the sport and holds the official licence to operate under Ashihara Kaikan Japan. He is well educated in karate and a founding member of KAWP (Karate Western Province). He holds the rank of 2nd Dan Blackbelt (nidan) and is due for 3rd Dan Black Belt  

Chief Instructor

Malcolm Naude

Malcolm has been practising karate for the last 28 years
and has a Nidan grade in karate. He held positions on Unicity and Western Cape full contact association and has participated in tournaments locally and abroad. Malcolm has been passionate about social responsibility from a young age and volunteered at various NGO's and runs development projects for underprivlaged children in partnership with the City of Cape Town.

Senior Instructor

Karin Bissolati

Karin has been practising karate for almost 30 yrs. She currently holds a Nidan grade in karate, and practised in the Kyokushin style before moving on to Ashihara. Karin currently serves on the Executive of Unicity with the goal to promote the positive role players in karate amongst youth in the Western Cape, teaching discipline and respect.

Junior Instructor

Devon Berries

Devon holds a Shodan (1st Dan) black belt and has been practising Ashihara karate for eight years. He has came first in several tournaments, achieved provincial colours. He was privilege to participate in the Ashihara Karate World Tournament in 2016 and achieved 3rd place in his weight division.


Membership Drive

Assistng students who cannot afford
membership fees and equipment.


Tournaments expenses, fees,
meals, kits e.g. tracksuits, etc.


Assisting with the upkeep and
maintenance of the dojo and equipment.

Budokan Tournament Venue

A dedicated venue for local and international
tournaments which is available to all karate clubs. 


Ashihara believes in education and drives to offer
bursaries for the less privlaged youtrh.

Social Responsibility

Ashihara has an established food drive for non-perishable goods that is donated to the community.


Introducing karate to the young at
creche’s and day-care facilities


Commming soon




about your free introductory lesson, we look forward to to hearing from you.